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Do you need basement waterproofing services in Ipswich? We have the best basement waterproofing solutions available since no homeowner wants to deal with a damp or wet basement. A damp basement is the root of all sorts of water damage in your house. Whether it is mould, pests, bad odour, rotting, rusting or foundation issues, a damp basement is often the cause. Our professional waterproofers will determine the source of your damp basement, musty odours, and mould issues and instal a high-quality waterproofing system to solve your problems.

Many homeowners don’t even know that they may have water problems in their basement even though there aren’t any visible signs of standing water. It’s easy to see water seeping into your basement through a crack in the floor or a basement wall, but what’s the real cause of your water problem? Most basements that are not professionally waterproofed will have moisture issues. If the water table of the solid around is high, it can put pressure on the foundation concrete and cause water to seep in. Many times pipes, drainage systems, hot water systems are the cause of water and dampness. Low sunlight and warmth make it even more susceptible for mould to grow in your basement and damage the foundation of your house from within.

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Excavated soil that is replaced around a finished base isn’t as thick or closely packed as soil that hasn’t been disturbed. Water pools in the soil immediately surrounding the building, as a result, placing pressure on the foundation walls and creating cracks. The weight of water in the soil around the foundation exerts pressure, pushing water into the basement through cracks, openings, holes, and around windows. You may notice damp walls, mould growth, and damp floor. Or even flooded the basement as the tell-tale sign that your basement needs professional help to waterproof it.

A basement that is wet, flooded or water damage will be hard to sell. The structural integrity of the whole house is compromised when the basement is in poor condition. You can completely renew your basement and solve the issues when you hire us. We can completely waterproof your basement which increases the overall value of your house. We employ perimeter drainage systems that will remove water flooding your basement and extract the moisture as well. Slump pumps are most effective in removing water flooding your basement from leaking pipes, or rainwater. Humidifiers can dry the walls so we can treat them with an anti-fungal solution, seal it and prevent future water damage. If the heating system is the cause of the leakage, we can check the heating system. We will repair the leak and clean the existing damage done by the water. Our services come with a lifetime written warranty that can be transferred to the next owner, so not only does it increase the value of your home, but it also gives homeowners and buyers peace of mind. Give us a call today for a free estimate.