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Our team at Ipswich are experts in mould removal. Our professional mould removal services are done by skilled professionals who know their work and do it right. Ipswich residents greatly appreciate our work and come to us when they need quality black mould removal. We have the experience and the tested methods of black mould removal. Our team will come to your rescue with a single call. Identify the issue and find a solution quickly. Our professional mould removal techniques help you get rid of mould quickly. Our affordable mould removal services are well known in Ipswich. We provide mould removal for residential as well as commercial properties. If you want a trustworthy mould remedy for your property, call us today.

Why Remove Mould
Mould tends to spread at a rapid speed. They love moisture and grow on damp walls, ceilings, floor, roof and everywhere that it finds damp surface. It can grow on wood, concrete, metal, you name it. As the name suggests, it has a distinctive black appearance and can completely ruin the original look of a wall or ceiling if it starts to grow. The smell it brings is another reason why it should be treated as soon as possible. The reason for its fast growth is the way they multiply. They submit spores that are everywhere in your house and as soon as it gets in contact with a damp surface, it makes their home there and grows. The Spores can cause extreme allergic reactions in people. The symptoms may be nausea, itching, red eye, runny nose, headache, etc. Not to mention black fungus can completely ruin the look of your house. It can make you feel stuffy and increases the chances of rot in your wooden structures.

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What is Black Mould?

Testing Mould
If you want to see how extensive the mould damage is, then it is best to call people. Most of the time mould damage goes beyond the surface and affects the drywall from inside. You might not even know it and the mould would be taking over your house slowly. We are here to help you get to realise the extent of damage and find the right remedy. If left unchecked mould can completely ruin the lives of the inhabitants of a house. Also, the fact is, you have to know what kind of mould is developing in your property to treat it. Every species of mould has its own treatment to be effectively removed. We can identify the type of mould and treat it accordingly. If you have moisture issues, water leakages, flooding but you don’t see mould, assessment by professionals can help you identify mould that is hidden. They can help you rest in peace knowing you don’t have mould growing in the basement away from your sight.

We are committed to helping businesses and homeowners to mould free property. We have years of experience in the field of black mould removal. We understand the damage it causes and how to provide you with quality removal and prevention services so the mould doesn’t come back. Our complete solution is loved by customers and highly recommended. We are here to answer any questions you might have.