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Do you need a reliable mould removal company for your Ipswich property? You have come to the right place. We are Ipswich’s best mould removal company. We are licensed and insured. All workers are certified as unprofessional mould removal. When you need quality mould removal at affordable prices for your commercial or residential property come to us. Mould is one of the most annoying infestations in your house or business property. They can completely ruin the look of your house and cause health issues. Professional mould removal companies who know what they are doing are the only people who help to remove mould. Our company in Ipswich can remove all kinds of moulds, including black mould.

Why should you remove mould as soon as possible?
Mould grows in favourable conditions. Winter and wet seasons are the times when mould growth happens the most. Mould has buds that burst to give out microscopic spies. These spores can grow into further moulds. The indoor air of your house could be completely filled with these spores leading to asthma, irritation and other allergic reactions. People with hyperactive immune systems can have constant runny nose, hives and other sorts of allergic reactions in their bodies. Mould can completely cover every surface of your house and you would have nothing to do. The wallpaper of the paint of your house could be completely ruined with mould growth. Mould growth outside the house on the exterior walls and roof can lead to rotting wood and a decrease in the overall curb appeal of your house.

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What causes mould to grow?
Mould grows in warm and humid places. Your house is the perfect place for mould to grow. Moisture can lead to the fast growth of mould in your property. Poor roof drainage, leaking pipes, heavy rain, broken heating system, poor bathroom drainage, poor foundation drainage can all lead to moisture, damp floor and eventually grow mould. The existing mould that was not treated could flare up during summer or when there is high humidity in the air.

How we remove mould
Mould removal requires dehumidifiers. Dehumidifiers can remove moisture from your structures. Treating the existing mould with an appropriate solution can help to remove them and also prevent future growth of mould. We use non-toxic and eco-friendly methods. The solution we use does not affect humans or pets. Once the moisture is expertly extracted with industrial fans, mould is scraped off and the surface is restored. We can also paint and clean your exterior and interior structure for a complete remedy against mould infestation. Our company relies on quality work. We are dedicated to providing the best quality work. When it comes to mould removal, we are counted among the best.

If you are looking for a professional company like Ipswich Damp Proofing to remove mould, you have got us. We are here to remove mould from commercial and residential properties in Ipswich. No matter how extensive your mould issue is, we can solve it. Give us a call today.