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The first stage of treating dry rot is always to try and identify and then remove the source of damp and moisture in that area. Our specialists will inspect and survey your home or business property to ascertain the cause of the dry rot, the amount and size of the problem and also what can be done to prevent it in the future.

Many people want to know how dry rot can be identified and how one distinguishes wet rot from dry rot…

The signs of dry rot are generally evident and the timber decay report will help to give a result. We only hire and train fully qualified surveyors who can determine the extent of your dry rot decay.

Dry rot can be combated by removing the moisture source and letting the wood dry out properly. The dry rot is controlled with moisture control systems to eliminate the sources of moisture and let the wood dry properly. Dry rot can also be combated by a combination of testing and also eliminating moisture sources and allowing the wood to dry out properly.

If you notice symptoms of wood rot in your house, it is important to recognise them and initiate a dry rot treatment to eliminate them immediately. If your property is newly built, you can rule out the possibility that wood will rot in the first few weeks of its life. Find out what causes rot, how to identify it, how to treat it quickly and how to deal with it in the long term. Find out what is causing the rotting wood and how to identify it and how to treat dry rot long-term.

As soon as you have noticed signs of dry rot on your property, you should immediately take action and have a dry rot examination carried out to assess and check the full extent of the damage. If your dry rot indication leads you to believe that you may have dry rot, the best advice, is to investigate it as soon as possible using a dry rot specialist company to audit the area and give you a diagnosis.

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What is Dry Rot?

Dry Rot is a timber destroying fungi that will attack wood in your property. Damp and condensation are usually the starting point and in order to extract food to maintain continual growth, the dry rot fungi and generates spores when consuming its timber source. Wood affected by dry rot will show signs of decay and structural weakness.

A professional investigation must be carried out by a team of qualified surveyors to assess the extent of dry rot at your property as well as any damage to other parts of the property. Dry rot treatments and investigations must have been accomplished at the start of the dry rot outbreak if possible. as well as an investigation for the treatment of dry rot and an investigation for the registration of dry rot infestation.

If you are not sure how to deal with a dry rot outbreak and you need to treat the dry rot problem effectively, it is best to contact a qualified dry rot surveyor. If the assessors find that dry rot is present, you will need to seek help from a dry rot specialist to eliminate the infestation.

A specialised dry rot surveyor can determine the source of the dry rot outbreak within hours or even days, without a comprehensive investigation is necessary.

A dry rot expert will create a dry rot report, in which all work is described, which must be accomplished on your property, in order to eliminate the problem of dry rot dryness completely.

Once dry rot has been identified for proper treatment, you can ensure that we can handle the dry rot problem efficiently and professionally for you. We perform a comprehensive analysis of the damage to the property and the potential for relapse. It contains the ability to repair damage caused by dry rot and other fungi, ensuring that recurrences are prevented.

If a suspected dry rot outbreak is correctly diagnosed on your property, a dry rot expert must determine how far the dry rot has spread. There is no guarantee that if there is indeed a dry rot outbreak, it can be treated in good time.