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Do you see mould taking over your house or business building? Cleaning, scrubbing off, or painting over it, is not the solution for mould. Mould is an invasive species and it needs professional treatment to be controlled. We are a licensed and trained mould control company that provides mould removal and prevention services at affordable prices. Mould control is essential for the well being of your house and the inhabitants. If you notice a musty smell, and other signs of mould in your property, call for an inspection. A professional inspection by us can help you determine the extent of the infestation and the locations it has affected. Also, we can help you determine the root cause of the mould. Oftentimes moisture is the culprit. Moisture could come from leaking pipes, hot water system, poor ventilation, heavy rain, poor drainage, ground-level water, etc. Damp walls, floor or ceiling becomes the hot-spot for mould to grow on the surface and destroy your property.

Mould Infestation underneath the floor
Moisture underneath the floor can cause mould to grow. Mould growth under the floor can cause several kinds of health issues. The issues include an irritating nose, itchy eyes, headache, and other allergic reactions. If you have small kids or old people living in your house, or people who are already sick may be affected by the extensive mould growth in your property. Controlling the mould underneath the floor is more difficult than treating mould on the wall. It requires professional intervention to remove the mould and prevent it from coming back. Our technique involves installing a sub-floor ventilation system. Removing moisture not only helps to remove mould but also prevents rotting and termite infestation. Mould can bring a whole level of issues with it in addition to looking slightly. Sub-floor ventilation is effective in removing excessive moisture trapped underneath the floor.

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What is Mould Control?

If your house or basement flooded from burst pipes, poor roof or rainwater, it is essential to remove the water and dry the floor and walls. Water-soaked into the structure can cause mould to grow. Standing water is the worst for your house. That is why we have the best drying technology. Our effective water and moisture extraction is safe and doesn’t damage your property. We can dry the carpets, wooden flooring, or concrete structures. We have all the needed equipment and technology for drying your house and the structure. One of our technologies includes air movers. They help in fast evaporation. They can remove the humid air from the surface of the wall or floor.

Mould In Bathroom
Bathrooms are the hot-spots for mould growth. Evaporated air condenses on the ceiling, leaking water can damp the walls, and the general humid condition of the bathroom helps in mould growth. Proper ventilation, mould treatment and mould prevention can help to remove mould and prevent it from coming back. We can determine ways to reduce the chances of mould growth.

We have some of the best people working for us. When you need mould control services for your property, you can trust us. We are here to help you get clean and fresh property. Give us a call today to get mould control services…